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The Xbox One controller features 40 new improvements

Xbox One camera

Aside from revealing the Xbox One, Microsoft has also updated Xbox 360 controller for the new Xbox One, bringing over 40 optimizations to the input device. Features mentioned include dynamic impulse triggers that support feedback, and a new D-pad design that, we bet, will do away with many of the complaints. The controller is also recognized by Kinect, with the example given that you might lift your controller, and in-game, you'd be raising a shield.

Check out the Microsoft Xbox One reveal video.


Xbox 360 wireless controller with transforming D-Pad coming November 9th

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Hardware, Release Dates, Xbox 360

Microsoft is set to release a newly redesigned wireless controller with a transforming D-Pad this November. It’s no secret that the D-Pad on the Xbox 360 isn’t exactly popular with gamers, so the company supposedly went back to the drawing board, and came up with a D-Pad can be changed from disc-form to “plus” form just by turning the D-Pad itself. In addition to that change, the controller also has concave analog sticks, matte silver color, and gray A, B, X, Y buttons as well.

The catch? While the controller seems like it would be awesome, you can only get it as part of the new Play & Charge Kit which will be available on November 9th for $64.99. Yeah, even if you don’t need another Play & Charge Kit, that’s the only way you’ll be getting this controller, as Microsoft won’t be making it available as a standalone product. $64.99. Microsoft is definitely doing all they can to get more money out of Xbox users these days.

Gallery: Xbox 360 wireless controller with transforming D-Pad coming November 9th