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Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS Bundle Announced

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Brain Age 2 Nintendo DS bundle

If you don’t have a DS yet, this Brain Age bundle might be just what you’re looking for – included is a copy of Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day and a DS sports an all-new color for $149.99. As Nintendo describes the new color: “The top half of the new Nintendo DS sports a smooth, glossy Crimson, reminiscent of a dangerous shade of lipstick or a cherry-red sports car. The bottom is a matte black—an Onyx yin that complements the Crimson yang.” Uhh, okay.

Brain Age 2 includes 15 new activities, including those that challenge you with math, memorization, and music. (Music? Might want to plug in a pair of headphones to avoid hearing those poor DS speakers.)

The bundle will be available in stores on August 21.


Nintendo’s Megaton Morning: Metroid in Summer, Smash Bros. Live

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Metroid Prime 3 logoNintendo certainly gave Wii gamers some reasons to be excited this morning. First off, we have the announcement of titles that will hit the little white box this summer. It looks like August 20th is going to belong to Nintendo - not only will Metroid Prime 3 hit, but Brain Age 2, the sequel to the smash hit for the DS, will be launching as well. The pairing of these two titles seems like a pretty strong statement that Nintendo is indeed going after both the “core” and “casual” gamers, respectively.

There’s some more great surprises in the list, but we won’t spoil it all for you here. So, click that jump for all the summer release dates!

Oh, and if you needed another reason to get excited, the Smash Bros. Dojo!! site should be going live in a matter of hours.

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