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Actiontec 54g Game AdapterActiontec was kind enough to send Gear Live one of their new 54mbps wireless game adapters for review.The wireless game adapter functions as an Ethernet to 802.11g bridge enabling you to get your game system (PS2 or Xbox) or other Ethernet enabled device online wirelessly. It’s a very cool concept, but unfortunately the Actiontec has a few minor implementation issues. Check out the full review after the jump.

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With so many people split on whether the Nintendo DS is a good system or not, one has to take a deeper look to see what all the fuss is about. The fact is, many compare the DS to the PSP, and based off of that comparison, say that the DS sucks. It just isn’t true. Once you get past the eye candy, it comes down to the software. Pac-Pix is an example of a game that can only be done on the DS, as well as an example of the ingenious ways to use the touch screen when a developer puts their mind to it. Check out our full review after the jump.

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Halo 2 Last week I found Halo 2 in a Limited Collectors Edition tin a pawn show for $15 bucks and I honestly have not taken it out of my Xbox since then. The limited edition comes with a making of Halo 2 DVD and a metal tin.  This is a but of a surprise since my friend and I have had a running joke going about how long this game was hyped by hard core Xbox fans. Right now I think it was a little harsh because I have been blown away by how much fun this game is.

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Ridge Racers Review

Right now we are in a bit of a quiet time in Playstation Portable land where we are waiting for the next batch of games to come out after the initial release of at launch game or near at launch games. There are a handful of really good games out for the PSP, and the one racing game that really stands out is Ridge Racer by Namco. Check out our full review after the jump.

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God of War

If you have yet to play God of War, Jesse took the game to task and came back extremely impressed. Take a listen to his quick audio impression of the game, recorded in a car of all places! Click below for the goods.

Voice: Jesse Easley
Duration and Size: 2:47, 1.4 MB

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WarioWare TwistedNintendo just released WarioWare Twisted! their latest sequel to WarioWare for Gameboy Advance. This is a totally slick collection of more insane and surreal mini-games but with a unique human-game interface. There was the original WarioWare game on Gameboy Advance then WarioWare Mega Party Games for Gamecube, next was WarioWare Touched! On Nintendo DS and now back to good old Gameboy Advance.

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Mario Baseball Impressions

Mario Baseball is yet another foray by Nintendo into the Mario sports genre. Nintendo did not separate Mario Baseball much from their MLB baseball game as the two played very much alike on a fundamental level.  However, I did like that each character had their own style of batting and fielding. For example, the Sunshine guys from Mario Sunshine use a palm tree as their bat which allow them more space on the bat to hit the ball. Read on for our full impressions.

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DreamGear i.Glow Review
We recently got the PS2 and Xbox versions of DreamGear’s new i.Glow controller and wanted to share our thoughts.  The DreamGear’s i.Glow controller is a standard wireless controller with an extra kick - it lights up with interesting effects! Check out our mini review after the jump.

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Sandisk 256 MB Duo Pro PSP ReviewSo Jake from 8bitJoystick has decided to join us here at Gear Live and PlayFeed, and we are very happy to have him. You can look forward to his weekly column, set to publish this week. For now, take a look at a sample of his work.

Yesterday I decided that it was not worth the wait and money to get a 1-Gig MemoryStick Duo card for my PSP and I picked up a much more reasonable 256 Meg MemoryStick Duo made by SanDisk. They have a new line of cards that are all bright colors that is deliberately trying to go after the PSP gamer market. I am glad that there is some competition for manufacturing MemorySticks for the PSP. I do remember when there was a drought of PS2 Memory Cards and it did suck ever so hard.

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