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Thursday March 30, 2006 8:01 pm

Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield: Modern Combat Compared

Battlefield MCTeamXbox.com has a video interview with Ed Thomas, lead technical artist on Battlefield 2: Modern Combat detailing the various upgrades that have been made to the Xbox 360 release. The visual comparisons in the video are very striking in the amount of changes that have been made. Some of the highlighted Xbox 360 changes listed in the video are:

  • 10x the polygon count from the Xbox version
  • 1.5 million polygons per scene
  • 15-20x the texture memory used
  • A more advanced lighting and shadow model
  • More dynamic lighting used, impacting gameplay (muzzle flashes will more accurately give away positions)
  • Overhaul of damage and effects engines
  • More AI units in game

Overall, do these changes make the Xbox 360 version worth $20 more than the Xbox version? Of course, it is hard to tell until the game is released, but the video changes and Ed Thomas’ comments certainly make it seem likely. The demo is also currently available via Xbox Live.

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