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Monday August 8, 2005 2:11 pm

Intec Wireless Rechargeable Video Game Controllers

Intec Wireless Rechargeable ControllersIntec has finally released something a lot of hardcore gamers have been asking for since the dawn of wireless controllers: rechargeable wireless controllers for Xbox, PS2, and GameCube. The chargers are powered by the game console and you can recharge them while using the controllers as wired controllers - a nice feature for those all night LAN parties. The controllers charge in 4 hours, and get 60 hours of game-play per charge. Halo 2 Deathmatch anyone?

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前田敦子 ツイッター 前田敦子 ツイッター 6/8/13 3:36 am

前田敦子 ツイッター なんせ劇場盤を大量に買い漁るピンチケになんと100万枚以上も握らせてしまったからな

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