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Thursday November 17, 2005 11:03 pm

Video: GameDr. Motorized UMD Cartridge Cleaner for PSP

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Accessories, Features, PSP

We just got done messing around with the GameDr. Motorized UMD Cartridge Cleaner, and we must say that it is impressive. For $20 USD, this ultra-portable device cleans dust, dirt, and fingerprints from your UMD discs in a very ingenious way. The UMD hooks on to the cleaner using a magnet, and a piece of cloth aligns perfectly into the notch on the underside of any UMD game or movie. We put up a video, which you can see above, so you can see how it looks in motion. We have a couple of other products we will be putting up in video form as well.

By the way, if you like the above format with the video preview, go ahead and digg this story. I would love to see how popular this feature might be.

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Cool little product…but even cooler demo video wink. Keep it up!

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