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Wednesday June 13, 2012 2:37 pm

Super Modern Mario Bros. makes Mario unrealistically realistic (video!)

Super Modern Mario Bros.

Check out the video below for Super Modern Mario Bros. It's a novel concept dreamed up by a gamer, removing a lot of the cutesy Mario-ness, dialing up the level of seriousness by removing the music and adding realistic sound effects. It’s a bit more violent, too, with Goombas exploding and Mario crashing to his untimely demise when he leaps towards the end-of-level flag and fails to successfully grab hold and slide down. Look, just watch it--it's way more fun than reading our description!



Jenny@Cheap Super Mario Bros. - Mario Deluxe Toddl Jenny@Cheap Super Mario Bros. - Mario Deluxe Toddl 1/29/14 5:24 am

hmm! that was nice modern mario bros. pic is just fantastic just searching for this kind of post and find your post like it so much

wow how i love this game ^_^

wow how i love this game ^_^

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