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Tuesday January 31, 2006 10:32 pm

Retro Nintendo Keychains

Posted by Brandon Gribin Categories: Culture, Nintendo, Retro

Nintendo KeychainsHow’s this for nostalgic? 8-bit character key chain with controllers that make noises attached.

NCSX says:

The next time you’re at a Miyamoto signing, bring one of the Dot Graphics Sound Keychains and press it continuously while you’re queuing up to make a complete nuisance of yourself. Once you’ve reached the head of the line, press it once more as if signaling victory and have Miyamoto sign the back of the joypad to increase its value ten-fold. Or something like that.

Each keychain features an old school character motif and a Famicom controller attached to a ring. Press the “A” button on the controller and a jingle will sound off. Just one jingle. You’d think with the technology available to manufacturers nowadays, a few more jingles wouldn’t exactly kill their bottom line. Click on the links below to listen to each sound (WAV file).

These puppies retail for $13.50 each - not bad at all. I’d probably buy one or two if I wasn’t spending so much money on the retro Xbox Live Arcade games.

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