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Sunday June 7, 2009 6:56 pm

E3 2009: All Points Bulletin (APB) hands-on impressions


All Points Bulletin (APB) is a third-person action game from the creators of Crackdown, Real Time Worlds. “Focusing on ‘the three C’s’—creativity, conflict and celebrity” APB gives the player freedom to create anything they want.

Creating your own characters and cars are things we have done before in games like Oblivion and Forza, but APB pushes this feature like never before.  When in character creation, standard options like gender, skin tone and other physical features are available for customization. But APB goes a little bit deeper and allows you to pick a hairstyle and how long it needs to be or even pick breast cup-sizes for the girls. Tattoos? They got those too. Design your tattoo art, color and size to place anywhere you want it to be.

But detailed customization doesn’t end there. APB gives you the option to pick your clothing and design it with a large array of patterns, colors, zippers, stitching styles, buttons, fabrics and more. But wait, there’s more! With the vector tool, you will be able to create your own symbol and stick it anywhere you want in the world – even on your own things like clothing and cars.


Personalization is not only achieved by how much your character looks like you, but also to what they rock out to in the game. This is why Real Time Worlds partner with Last.fm to bring your music into the game.  If you are still itching to create your own content, there will be a music editor to create your own music and blast it around while you drive in your vehicle.

If you are a fan of personalization and creation your own content, APB will be the game for you. With an amazing character editor as well as clothing and cars, I can see many spending hours creating amazing content for the game.  APB is set to release 2010 for the PC and is being published by EA.




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