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Saturday April 23, 2005 4:26 am

PSPTunes PSP iTunes Control

Sony PSPSo you want to control iTunes from your PSP? I mean walking all the way to your computer is just too much of a hassle, right? Well your dreams of controlling iTunes from your PSP can now be realized thanks to the following engadget how-to guide. Using an Apple computer, Wipeout Pure, a PSP, and the right code, you can have your iTunes controls on your Sony PSP.

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that is…

how else can i put it? POINTLESS!!

or get a wireless keyboard…

cant u just listen to music from yur PSP? o_O

its basicly turning your psp into a remote. Kind of cool really but not that useful. I am excited to see all the crazy stuff that comes out for the psp and all the tweaks and mods that will eventually be available.

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