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Monday August 1, 2005 3:57 pm

More PS3 Details Emerge

Posted by Sparky Categories: PlayStation 3

Playstation 3

Playstation Magazine claims to have some advance info on the upcoming PS3. Of note is that the hard drive won’t be used for games - I’m guessing Tivo/PSP use. The PSP will be able to access media on the PS3 via Wifi. The PS3 will have a TiVo-like accessory so that it will be able to record TV - hopefully in Hi-Definition. The last tidbit surprised me - you will be able to chose to run games at a lower resolution for smoother game-play - the PS3 has enormous amounts of processing power already, do people really think that this thing is going to get maxed out by a lot of games? I sure hope so!

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The option for lower resolution worries me. PC games haven’t really taken advantage of Dual core PCs yet and this thing is having the option for lower resolution? What happend to the whole “console for the next 10 years” and the whole bit that it is too powerful? I hope this is just a rumor :-\

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