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Saturday November 25, 2006 8:15 pm

PS3 Sells for $9.99 on eBay


If you’re planning to make lots of money by hawking your launch-day PS3 on eBay, please please make sure that you know how to use eBay. Some poor sucker (who obviously spent a lot of time out in the cold to get it), accidentally just sold his brand-new, unopened PS3 for the grand total of $9.99 + $50.00 S&H. This year’s “Worst Use of the ‘Buy It Now’ Button Award” goes to this hapless auctioneer

It’ll be interesting to see whether the winning bidder ever gets his - my guess is that this’ll just end up in one negative feedback point for the seller, and no $10.00 PS3 changing hands.

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“This has been on Digg for a few days and the buyer had been contacted and stated that the seller ended the auction early because he worked out an offline deal with the him. If you look at the auction it states the seller has ended it earlier, he didn’t get screwed, Ebay did, they just lost out on auction fees.”

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