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Wednesday December 14, 2005 8:19 pm

Play Sim City Classic Free Online

Posted by Brandon Gribin Categories: PC, Retro, Simulation, Strategy

Sim CityDon’t like all the graphical wiz-bang of all the new videogames? Looking for a classic but solid, fun game to lose countless hours of sleep to once again?

Maxis posted the original Sim City game on its website - so you can play it right now. For free even. For when the game was released, Sim City was top of the line and its gameplay surprisingly enough still shines. Sure, the original may no have as many features as the newest iteration of the series but the core is certainly present. Build a power plant, build up some industrial, commercial, residential properties and you’re on your way to being the mayor of a booming metropolis. Just don’t forget to build roads and power lines - otherwise your citizens aren’t going to be very happy.

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