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Thursday September 14, 2006 5:58 am

Real Wii Info a Day in Advance? $250, Nov 19th Says NY Times

Wii Thumbnail In a release dated September 14th, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has posted a story written by Seth Schiesel of the New York Times saying that the final Wii information is as follows - The Wii will release on November 19th for North America, at a price point of $250. According to the article, we can also look forward to the re-emergence of the pack-in game, in the form of Wii Sports.

Nintendo plans to have 25 titles available for the Wii at launch; each will retail for $50 ($10 less than most Xbox and presumably PS3 games will cost). The article also states that Virtual Console titles will retail for around $5-$10 a piece (guess it’s not subscription-based then!), and about 30 titles will be available via VC at launch.

Some of the secrets that Nintendo has been keeping until the last minute are also purportedly revealed:

More broadly, Nintendo hopes to make the Wii a living-room centerpiece by including various media channels meant to appeal to and draw in people who do not consider themselves gamers.

There will be a photo channel that will allow users to use the Wii to display digital photographs on television.

There also will be an easy-to-use interactive news channel and weather channel.

Hopefully all of this info will be confirmed tomorrow by Nintendo!

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Does the American package come with a Nunchuck Attachment included as well? Or maybe we get the game instead? You would think they would sell it seperate but would be nice if it is also included.

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