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Friday June 16, 2006 9:15 pm

Guitar-less Hero Games On The Way?

Guitar Hero for the PS2 screenshotRedOctane President Kai Huang talked with Next-Generation.biz today and dropped more interesting hints about their plan for next generation consoles. According to the article, there’s a “very very high likelihood of additional Hero games”. Not all that surprising considering what a boon Guitar Hero has been for the company, but it’s still good to hear that they’re working on new ideas.

Huang also pointed to the online arena being the next big stage for the Hero titles:

“We will [utilize online features]. As far as games like Guitar Hero and other music games that we have in the pipeline are concerned, I think there are going to be significant changes to the gameplay.”

“Online is definitely going to be a huge component of what we’re planning, whether that’s downloading new music or characters or skins or online play features, those are the things that are really going to be the major changes for next-gen.”

Put the two pieces together, and you have another indication that RedOctane might be working on some sort of cooperative rock-band game with multiple instruments. Do we have to buy a peripheral for each though? And just how big is the “Drum Hero” controller going to be.

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