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Tuesday October 18, 2005 2:48 am

E3 Xbox 360 Faceplates Don’t Fit On Xbox 360

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: Announcements, Xbox 360

E3'05 360 Faceplate

Okay, it looks like we owe an apology to one of our previous contest winners. You see, when we gave away our E3’05 collectible limited edition faceplate, we talked up how one would be able to put this thing onto their Xbox 360 and have an ultra-rare system. Turns out that information is false. The limited edition faceplates don’t even fit on the final production Xbox 360 bezel. All it is, is a rare collectors item - nothing more, nothing less. Unless you break out your dremel tool and teach that faceplate just who is boss. For the guy who paid $800 for one on eBay, a shame.

EDIT: Looks like the Major says that the face plates work just fine. Looks like we tried to hook ours up to a production or debug unit rather than the final box. G4TV.com was wrong again. False alarm, thankfully. Still no excuse for dropping $800 on one though. Thank you, disprover.

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